The Weeping Writer

It seems to take all my time, just the writing and now the promoing. A lot of times, I don’t read the reviews or see the posts. Today, I came across this from a reader of Matchstick:

Just at this moment you read a book that shook your world. That makes you feel so much that your real life is affected. There are not many books that do that. To a few you will remember forever. The rest is lost on the highway of life.

So, I’m all teary. I love that people think (except for the typos) that I write well. That Hunt and Cam are a great couple. That the sex is hot. That the mystery is good. I love all of that. The more people like it, the more I want to write it.

But this person said it mattered to her that I wrote. So I don’t need any more prizes.

And I’ll keep recording Hunt and Cam’s lives and writing the heat and exploring the mystery and hope more readers find the books and love them. And I hope something else happens that matters to someone while I do that. 

It matters that you are here, my friends and readers. That you exist, doing what you do as well as you can. You almost never know when you’ve touched someone. I think that might be faith.

Take care,



  1. I agree. That moment when someone tells you that your story has hit home with them makes writing worth the effort. I've only just met Cam and Hunt and became addicted. Adding more books to the reading list.


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