MM Does’t Mean Gay (necessarily)


That guy on the right has quit talking to me until I talk about this. That’s Hunter Dane, homicide detective. And very good at it.

He is the Main Character in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series. (Behind meCam clears his throat. He’s on a short sofa with my Kindle in his lap.) Hunter’s back there, too, and I’m not turning around to see what he’s doing. 


These men, if you’ve been following the series, have a pretty hot relationship, sex-wise. They also have a pretty amazing relationship otherwise, too. It’s evolving; title to title, things change. But the point here is that …

Hunter Dane is not gay. (He also doesn’t like labels and is rolling his eyes because he knows I’m going to use one.)  



The thing about sexuality and gender is, it’s a spectrum. Probably the main reason Hunter resists even being called bi, though he grudgingly goes along because it’s what readers are used to. (He just said, “You’re a fucking writer, make up a better word!”)

OK, uh … Homo sapiens sapiens. But I didn’t make it up.

Hunter says he’s “Camsexual.” He’s a D/s switch and he’s all about power dynamics. His Domism (I did make that one up) is triggered by women.

MM doesn’t mean gay. Its means the story revolves around the relationship of two men and includes sex. It does not mean there won’t be mf sex.  Or ff sex.  Or mmm sex. 

Hunt and Cam’s story is not a romance; it’s a chronicle of these two men’s impact on one another. 

I don’t write gay romance. I write MM Erotica and a lot of BDSM. I write about all the stuff of my characters who are just as real as anyone, to me.

But mostly, I write about love. 

(Aaaand Cam just dragged Hunter off .  And it’s a one-bedroom apartment. … where’re my earplugs …


  1. Now that you’ve “addressed” this, is Hunt talking again? *sigh* He can be SO stubborn… of the reasons we all love him btw. 🙂


    1. Yup! He told me to invent a word and I did. Today! “Omnivist.” A person who responds sexually to every individual in a unique way. (LGBTQO!) For Hunter Dane—bi and switch, sub and Dom, masochist, and even a bit of a sadist—it is the dynamic that turns him on. An Alpha, himself, the submissive in him is only going to respond sexually to natural born Dominant, Alpha males. A rare commodity.


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