Comment about the book here. From the backmatter of Psychic Men:

WTF, Addi?

This is for my regular readers.

Deep cleansing breath, guys. … Ahhhhhhh….

There’s always a murder to solve and the Hunt&Cam4Ever series doesn’t change. Hunter’s always been an intuitive guy. He’ll keep being that. But he’s also a logical, reasoning, guy. And a great cop. And he and Cam are crazy about each other. That doesn’t change, either.

Cam’s life was in deep flux when we met him. We didn’t know that in On His Knees. We found out in Dancing. And the work he wants to do, the place where his life finally settles down, will be chronicled along with Lissa’s and Asher’s here:


In all cases, recall what Hunter told Asher:

“it’s love that sent my father to you, love that fuels it all…”


  1. Good morning – just a quick note to say that I just read Hunt and Cam for the first time – finished all 4 in 2 days – These guys are perfect for each other – and I can’t wait for this next one. Thanks for what you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank *you,* Liz! I love them, too. Esp when the world is a bit much, they come and tell me a story. Of course, they also eat all my food and leave the toilet seat up ….

      It’s okay. They’re worth it.


  2. I have read all 4 of the previous books. I found them to be very engaging. I am looking forward to the next installment. Thanks


    1. Hi, Matt! I’ll be announcing the launch day shortly. Should be in a couple weeks. If you haven’t read Little Favor, which is free here, you might want to, it’ll give you some background for part of Psychic.


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