This interview first appeared on Helena Stone’s lovely review blog: The Way She Reads

Hunter Dane and Camden Snow kindly agreed to an exclusive interview for “The Way She Reads.” With an ocean separating us and everyone on busy schedules, Adira August offered to have “her boys” over and ask a question I’ve been curious about.

CAM: Could you at at least call us “your guys?”

ADDI: And nice to see you, too, Cam. C’mon in.

Cam’s been over a few times, now, so I backed out of my tiny foyer to give him room. He detoured into the kitchen.

CAM: You promised me beer.

ADDI: Hunt’s out getting it. Come sit with me.

He followed me into my livingroom/office and sat back on the small sofa, one ankle perched on his other knee. Dressed in his usual white shirt and bluejeans, he was also wearing an asymmetrical leather jacket in a deep brown that really set off the startling ice-blue eyes.

CAM: You’re fangirling me, again.

ADDI: No, I’m writering you. I need to set the scene for the readers.

CAM: And I’m the scene?

ADDI: (laughing) Did you ever doubt it? That’s a really nice jacket.

He colored. Even though we were a lot more comfortable with each other now, he was still that shy kid at heart who blushed easily at compliments.

CAM: Birthday present from my mom. It’s quilted inside for winter.

He held it open to show me the dark red lining.

ADDI: Very nice, looks great on you. So, I’d like to get started before Hunt comes back.

CAM: (frowns) I thought we should wait for him.

ADDI: No, I want to ask a question about him and you won’t feel free to answer if he’s here.

He switched from relaxed kid to hard-assed Dom so fast my neck cricked and I hadn’t moved my head.

CAM: I’m not gossiping about Hunter for the amusement of a bunch of strangers. Or for any other reason.

ADDI: It’s Helena’s question and you haven’t heard it, yet.

CAM: (relaxes a little) Oh. Okay, well, if it’s Helena … she’s okay?

ADDI: I think so, yeah. So, the question is this. You and Hunt “met” – sort of – in the doorway of Scene and Not Heard some time before he went to his knees for you. He told me that story. But you obviously had feelings for him before he did that. Only, he avoided you from the moment you met in the doorway until he finally knelt, however long that was –

CAM: 28 months.

ADDI: Seriously? That long?

CAM: My first time at the club was the last Friday in June, 2014.  They finished my house and I moved in that week. Hunter— (he cleared his throat)—Hunter knelt for me October 28th, 2016. It was a Friday.

ADDI: OK.  The question is: How did you become so …

CAM: Do not say “infatuated.”

ADDI:connected. How did you develop so much affection for him if you never, or barely, spoke in all that time?

He blew out a breath and his head dropped back on the couch. I waited for him to decide to tell me. He started talking without raising his head.

CAM: I was hiking one time, up past Nederland. It was early morning. Really quiet. It rained during the night and the leaves and shit were soft and I didn’t make any noise. So, I come around a big boulder and I’m face-to-face with this buck. Big. Maybe 14 points. His head up, eyes huge and dark and shining. His whole body tense. I froze, too. I just wanted to look at him there, in that light, you know? Forever. Then he was gone.

He lifted his head to look at me.

CAM: Next time I felt like that was seeing Hunter in the doorway of the club. I went home that night and did the snow leopard.

ADDI:  … Did you ever paint the stag?

The door opened and Hunter came in with a six-pack in one hand and a bag of crunchies under his arm. Why do some men hate shopping bags so much? I wondered.

HUNT: Hey, Ad.

I waved and he threw a can of beer at Cam by way of greeting, followed by the bag of snacks. Cam caught each one deftly, the can with his right hand, the bag with his left. Hunter grinned at him and disappeared into the kitchen.

Cam colored and ducked his head for a second and looked at me from under his lashes. It was a plea.

Hunt came back with a beer and plopped down at the other end of the sofa.

HUNT: So what’re you guys talking about?

ADDI: Hiking spots.

HUNT: Chaos Canyon, you ever do that? Not difficult, but the cascades are fantastic during snowmelt …

He went on and Cam shot me a grateful look. And we talked about mountain adventures and the best times to avoid tourists and no one mentioned the words “love at first sight.”  

Shopping bags aren’t the only things some men would rather do without.




    1. So do I! I like the informality of the interviews because the guys talk about stuff they don’t in the books. There will be more – as soon as I find the time.


    1. You mean the interviews? I have a few more scattered around, though I think a 1 or 2 are actually with me, but at least one is with both the boys and one is with Hunter. Hoping to run them down over the summer and get them all up.


  1. Hi Addi,
    Thanks for this Cam interview. I now understand the significance of the snow leopard shirt he gave Hunter. He kept that shirt in his bag just for him. I hope you’ll post more insightful interviews. Do you have a date yet for Psychic Men? Really looking forward to more with these two fascinating characters.
    Thanks, Dayle😊


    1. Hi Dayle! I just posted in the chatbox in the Hunt&Cam4Ever group on MeWe that I’m aiming for a Memorial Day launch. And then said “don’t quote me!” I don’t have a 1st draft, yet. Hoping to get more interviews up over the summer.



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