Interviewing Hunter Dane


When Dancing Men came out, I did an interview at OJ He Say and he’d asked me  

“You also delve quite well into some of the more intense practices with spot on feelings and sensations. Care to expound on this for us?”

So, after, it’s still really early and I’m waiting for the grounds to soak into the water and become coffee. French Press. It’s dark out, cold, damp. And Hunter Dane is arriving in a few minutes for me to interview the way I had Cam.


And there he was …

AA: I swear if you don’t wipe that smirk off your face, those quills won’t just be a threat!

Hunt laughs at me.

Hunter: You know that won’t work, Cam never does anything he doesn’t want to do.

My turn to smirk.

AA: He already showed me.

Hunter: You’re lying.

AA: You know I don’t lie to you. Or him. Can’t. … Hey!  Don’t go getting all thinking about it now, you promised me an interview.

Hunter: Yeah, that was supposed to happen earlier so I could be at the office by seven-thirty!

AA: I had to do the other interview first. And why do you care? You’re the boss. And you don’t have a case.

He sighed and went into the kitchen for coffee. Which is about two steps for him. He’s really seriously tall and rangy and graceful and has nice … blue jeans … that fit him well. He’s got that wonderful warm brown skin, like he’s been hanging at the beach only it’s October and Denver has no ocean. He is a lovely man.

Hunter: I have to write a procedure manual for the unit. We aren’t supposed to exist without one.

AA: Too late. Besides, you know you’d rather hang out here.

Hunter: I shouldn’t, though. But, we can’t talk about anything, so what’s the point? Unless you want to answer that guy’s question.

Grin. Dimple. Eyebrow.

AA: OJ. And behave. We can talk about stuff. We can talk about you.

Hunter: What can we talk about that isn’t a spoiler for something?

AA: Tell me why you don’t like the word “bisexual” applied to yourself.

Hunter: Why are people obsessed with this shit?

AA: I assume that’s a rhetorical question.

Hunter: Never assume, Addi.

I waited him out. Hunter isn’t like Cam at all. It’s easy to feel close to him, but then you realize you aren’t. He doesn’t let people in. Cam seems like he’s kind of unattainable, but he’s very real, not guarded at all, so being with him is actually more intimate.

AA: Ben Hart said you were a bisexual switch and you didn’t contradict him. But I know you don’t apply the term to yourself. Tell me why.

Hunter: People think things and if you say you are something, they have these expectations. But those are about them, not me. I say I’m a cop and people lay all kinds of stuff on me. You know that, you were one.

AA: Yeah. And I get that, but you like sex with men and women, doesn’t that make you bisexual?

Hunter: No. I don’t “like sex with men.” I never had sex with men. I guess I’m a masochist because I get off on what a Dom does to me. But it’s like mechanics. Except with Cam. It makes me a CSH:  CamSexual-Heterosexual. But Cam doesn’t change anything about the rest.

AA: You mean women?

Hunter: I meant going to a Dom when I need stress relief.

AA: Huh. I didn’t know that.

Hunter: See, this is why I don’t talk about this, Addi, because it always leads to me endlessly explaining myself and why do I owe anybody an explanation? I thought your people were all about accepting everybody.

AA: My people?

Hunter: In your world.

AA: We’re trying, Hunt. I didn’t mean to … look, you ask me a question.

Hunter: I only have one question and you know what it is.

AA: I don’t know the answer.

He was quiet for a long time.

Hunter: He changed everything.

AA: I don’t think so, exactly.

Hunter: What do you mean?

AA: You changed everything. You picked him. It was your option. You knelt. You were ready. I think … you just didn’t know another way.

Hunter: Another way to what?

AA: Ask him to dance.


We talked about some stuff after that. Spoilery stuff. And he did let me know him a little more.

After he left me, I got thinking the first three books are kind of like an Overture to a symphony. There really is so much more to come, so many layers and themes. And we’re just starting the first movement.  And the next book wasn’t Psychic Men, which is what I told OJ. The next book was Snowed In, the book I didn’t know I was going to write. 

I’ve always wondered if it was the interview that triggered Hunter to make me write it.  


  1. you know, its interesting… reading Hunter, I learn so much about myself. you could have been writing me, which is both terrifying and wonderful at the same time. I have the same “issues” Hunter does, and seem to think along the same lines of logic. Reading him has helped me expand who I am, and understand myself in ways I probably would not have thought of before reading these books. I am both eagerly awaiting and am a bit scared to read the next installment. Thank you for an amazing job!


  2. Hi, Liz. That’s high praise for a writer. Cam often gets the attention from readers, but it’s always been Hunter’s story, to me. Let me know how you find Psychic Men.


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