Is Psychic Men Non-con? Of course not.

From Matchstick Men:

Cam laid down on his side and pried one of Hunt’s arms loose, taking one hand in his own, massaging gently.

“This isn’t a scene. There’re no restraints. We aren’t in a club. I’m still a Dom; I’m always that. But you have safewords.”

He smiled at Hunt’s surprised expression. “Of course, you do. I want you to do what I say because … you want from me what I want to give you.”

In Dancing Men, Hunter uses his safeword:

Red!” Hunt screamed. The strap hit the floor. 

He felt Cam’s body shift as he fished his keys from his pocket. He got the cuffs off quickly, and rubbed Hunter’s wrists. He massaged feeling back into his arms.

Hunter initiates the conversation in Psychic Men:

Hunt looked up into eyes veiled in arousal, pupils wide in the muted light of their private table. “Anything you want, Cam.”

Camden Snow, shy boy in real life, confident king on the slopes, merciless Dom in the club, looked quickly away when his eyes filled, shocking him.

Hunt sat up and back, keeping Cam’s hand between his own, still and safe.

“Why?” Cam asked, coming back.

“Because you give me everything I want,” Hunt answered. “Except one thing.”


“You keep yourself in check. You …. calculate what I need. You leave yourself out of the equation. But I want you. I never wanted anyone before, not some specific person. I don’t do halfway any more than you do. I want you to let go. To trust me.”

Camden Snow … knew how dark some of his desires were. …

… Captured by the raw hunger in Hunter’s eyes to abandon himself totally to anything and everything his Dom was or wanted, rendered Cam both powerless and indestructible. He felt something dissolve inside himself. Something old and hardened.

“You already know,” Cam said.


“What I am. Want.”

“Yes. … And?”

It was a very steep slope and a long way to fall, but Hunter had made Cam invulnerable. “You want it, too.”

Hunter smiled.

As he has always done, Cam gave Hunter exactly what he wanted in Psychic Men.

These men are who they are. They do not apologize for themselves and I do not apologize for them. Cam’s a sadist. That’s never been a secret. Hunter’s a masochist. Also, not a hidden trait.

At the Club

The Full Metal Dom accepts no limits, no safewords, no discussion.  Everyone knows the deal and he explains it again to each sub.

“There are no limits. You have no safeword. You do nothing I do not order. I don’t stop until I’m done. … You have one chance to walk away. Once I restrain you, nothing and no one can or will rescue you. I am all there is.”

You want to play with Camden Snow, you accept this. And this is why many subs seek him out. To get this.

But their relationship isn’t a scene.

These men aren’t bound by anyone’s idea of what BDSM “should” be. Nothing they do is unique or unusual in the spectrum of real-world BDSM relationships.

These men are each extraordinary in their own ways. Only another man as extraordinary as each of them could have captured them. If you want Cam less a Dominant sadist or Hunter less a submissive masochist, you’re going to be disappointed. If you want them to be like some other Dom or sub you knew, read or imagined, probably you’re also going to be disappointed.



  1. I can think of at least twice Camden would have liked to have been more gentle but he knew ( by his instincts/ psychic ability or whatever it, that is an interesting conversation going on between them) that that is not what Hunter needed. I know he gets much enjoyment out of their relationship, but sometimes I think Camden gets the short end of the stick.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I agree. Cam is very focused on the sub, on giving them what they need. What he seems to get off on is just being very good at things. I also think he’s never been with anyone like him, as strong as he is, who matched him so well.

    Finally, not only will Hunter have an intimate relationship, but Cam will get what he wants, too.

    Thank you so much for commenting. I love my readers so much and I know we all love my boys.


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