To be or not to …. uh-oh…

Inspired by an article on Dale Cameron Lowry’s excellent writing blog, I decided to check out making an audio version of On His Knees.

Besides the cost, and how daunting and complex it all is, I just can’t imagine anyone but a professional actor I can’t possibly afford being able to do it. And then there’s the fact I’d have to write an audio version. I already have way too many things on my TBW list.

Still. I thought I could at least listen to a few of the sample readings posted on ACX.


Hang on …. yes? Finally! So I check him out. A pro! Won an Emmy at some point and he’s in my projected price range. Aw – he’s from Denver.

Kismet, I tell you!

So I search for his studio on Google—nothing. Search him by name—nothing. ??? He has a bunch of credits. ….

I look him up on IMDB—




Not kidding. Died. A while back.

I’m taking it as a sign. If audio is in Hunt&Cam’s future, they’ll let me know.


  1. You have to write an audio version? I don’t think so, at least the unabridged and whispersync books I have aren’t specific versions for audio. And to be honest and just for me personally, I would never get an abridged version. It’s like watching a movie based on a book, I long to know what is being left out and it is unsatisfactory.


  2. I didn’t say abridged or that anything would be left out. Listening to a book is distinctly different from reading one. You use a different part of your brain. Audible books are very often heard by people who are driving or cycling or on a subway. I write a lot of complex sentences (as you know!). It’s part of my voice and style. Its part of pacing the read.

    To write a performance version, there are different ways of accomplishing the same thing so that the listener doesn’t get confused.

    The many characters in Dancing Men were confusing for some people when they could scroll back. Imagine that as is, but with none of Cam’s diagrams to look at.

    Imagine Matchstick Men without being able to see the puzzles. For Matchstick, I’d have to write in the puzzle descriptions. Pretty sure that book would get longer!

    I’m not looking for someone to read my book to you. If that’s all I wanted, I’d read it to you, myself. I want an actor who is also a narrator who is also a storyteller. And a performance version will make make the read smoother and the action, story and character clear(ish) for the listener.

    Before I wrote prose I wrote film scripts. It won’t get shorter, it will be itself in a version for listening instead of reading.

    I’ve never listened to a novel and compared it to an audible version, but I’d be willing to bet there were changes to the text for many of the audible versions. Which doesn’t make them abridged.

    I love my boys, as everyone knows. I’m not eager to do this, but I am looking into it. But I would never compromise one thing about their story. If I tried, they’d quit talking to me.


    1. Hmm. Interesting. I think the ones I’ve listened to are pretty much word for word, because there are times when I watch it read to me when I am doing whispersync where audible and kindle go together. I can’t just listen to a book, but I can watch it read to me.


      1. Huh, that’s interesting about reading and listening a the same time. I can hardly watch anything on Netflix unless I have the subtitles on. I think I’m too ADD for an audiobook by itself.


    1. I have not ridden an elephant … oh wait … that’s not what you meant. You mean something I was going to do and they stopped me? Oh, hell”s yeah! You should come join my MeWe group, I whine about it all the time! IN Psychic, I always knew how it would end. I had 8 pages of a scene I knew would be about 17 pages when Hunter stood next to me with his arms crossed staring at the screen. Disapproving.

      Well, crap. I had to delete the whole thing. (I’m saving it for the next book) and write the ending as it is. I had no fucking idea Cam would say what he said until he said it. In Snowed In, I was appalled by all the immediate sex. Wait! Where’s the lead-in, the set-up?

      People don’t believe me but I usually have only the vaguest notion how the books will end up. Or start out, really. But I’ve learned to just trust them, when I got to the end of Snowed, I realized I could never have planned it. It was all set-up to get to that exact place in their relationship. But I couldn’t see it until I got to the end.

      I dunno. If there’s ever an audible I think the boys will lead me to the right narrator and he might say, “This is all fine as is.” And I’ll end up trusting him, too.


  3. Keep at it! I would love to hear Cam and Snow having sex! I love the intimacy of audio books.


      1. IDK — maybe a crowd funding effort? LOL I would love to listen to Cam and Hunt having sex! Related: favorite narrators are Tristan James and Greg Tremblay, FWIW.


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