Mammon takes a break…

I spend a  lot of my time writing MM BDSM erotica. Another bunch of time goes to figuring out how to get this work in front of people who’d like to read it.  That means putting more time and energy into getting them to give me money. I like to think what I write is about a whole lot more than sex. To me, as much as I refuse to say I write romance, these are love stories.

The darkness seems beyond overwhelming at times. But it cannot win if you and I embrace our power. Because the Light is in us. In Hunt and Cam, who are as real to me as anyone, I suppose. Living in the darkness, more than surviving. Bringing Light in duty and sacrifice. Lightbearers.

I’m a Christian. A Catholic one, I converted. I write my theology.

Hunt&Cam4Ever XMASEVEmessage


  1. I agree with a lots you say specially with all is going on these days but we must all ways keep thinking the sunshine will shine tomorrow and real soon it will.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years the best years is coming soon.


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