Secret Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 4/Hunt&Cam4Ever 6

Hunt and Cam face critical changes, multiple cases, new personnel and the dissolution of their professional relationship. And everyone is stressed to the max.

“You can’t Dom me into marrying you, Cam.”

“I don’t see why not. Total Power Exchange is just that.”

Hi. Addi here. I was also stressed to the max. If you’ve been following, you know this book was supposed to be out for Halloween. When I did finally get a first draft—thanks in large part to the staunch support of Suzan Brooking—genius line editor Tanja Ongkiehong was swamped with other projects.

I put it on pre-order, anyway.

Then I got very sick, very fast. Sooo that was a bad idea.

Authors on Amazon who use pre-order have no choices about timing. 72 working hours before launch date, they lock out changes. When that happened, they had a completed but not well-edited draft. Tanja worked very hard as soon as she had the time, as did Suzan, to get the editing done.

Over 1300 notes were made. Notes on commas and words left out and things that just didn’t make a bit of sense. Here’s one, now:

The idea of it, of losing the gun, panicked him when about it asked a week ago.

Did you see it?  Suzan and I did not. We read this line, between us, maybe 20 times. But Ms. Tanja sees it all! (Almost, an eagle-eyed reader found a typo in Hunter’s name.)

I swore after the Dancing Men launch debacle, that would never happen again. So much for good intentions.

Everyone has been patient, no one has openly berated me. Thank you. I think this is why I like writing for the kind of readers who love Hunt and Cam—insightful, intelligent people who know sometimes shit just happens.

Strains of the 1812 Overture filled the kitchen, Hunt’s ringtone for Denver Police dispatch.

“Crap.” Hunter reached for his cell. “Lieutenant Dane. … Yeah. … Yeah, okay. … No, just Twee and Merisi for now.” He clicked off. “We have a case.”

Cam shook his head. “You have a case. It’s October first, remember? I don’t work for you anymore.”

I did put up a corrected draft 9 minutes after Secret was launched and I was allowed to make changes. In a 24-hour almost sleepless marathon, I uploaded three more drafts, and Amazon—which seems to have upgraded their software—got them up within hours.

Before the last of the launches completed (they wait for midnight in every timezone) which includes Hawaii, it was done and I wasn’t ashamed to show it to you. Not that it’s perfect!  I did a correction of Hunter’s name and found a spacing issue in the draft you have now.  When I have the chance to read the book, I’ll find more and put up another corrected version of the text.

This is a book I can’t talk much about. Too many spoilers. But I will put up subpages with my link list and embed the music referenced in the text.

Read it first.

IF you haven’t read the other books – don’t read this. Srsly, just return it. If  you think you might like Hunt and Cam, and if you like MM BDSM you probably will, read this:KNEESshatter600

BOOK ONE IN the Hunt&Cam4Ever series.


Secret Men: The Music It’s the music plus lyrics

The Denver Spiderman Case: The true story of the Denver Ghost Slaying.

Secret Men Research Links  From Huntington’s to fugu to famous hermits

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