The Lost Day

Going great guns on the new book (finally) I was all eager to get up and write a few thousand words today.

Then I opened my email. 😕

“I had downloaded Dancing Men on Kindle Unlimited. I got to page 1016 (end of “1:47 PM Promoted”). Then blank pages. So I deleted it and redownload. Same. So I returned and then learned I had to pay for it since it was no longer on Kindle Unlimited. Well, I was 21% in, so I bought it. Downloaded it. Same. It skips 15 pages. It takes me to page 1031…”


I am not blaming anyone. Like Amazon. I know, it’s shocking since I’m not afraid of whining about the ‘Zon. But they do have a previewer and I got complacent. I’d run the first few pages to make sure the basic formatting and titles held and check the links in the back matter. So I never saw the weird holes in the middle.

Dancing expired off KU and I was writing and didn’t notice.

Yes.  I fucked this up. 😳

After I found the second messed up book (I do think this is about a recent ‘Zon retool that’s honestly improved things for us but made some kinda glitch.) I decided to give up on the fast fix and do them all. SO:

  • New editions
  • Updated copyrights
  • Tanja added to Secret title page which I missed in the rush!
  • Updated backmatter.
  • Found a few typos.
  • Cover change on Knees

And I’m sending the entire series free of charge to the lovely reader who took the time to write an email and tell me the problem. I’d use her name but haven’t asked permission.

And I found the WordPress smiley codes.

Now –


I really need a slugline for Flight …






2 thoughts on “The Lost Day”

    1. The truth is, I don’t know. I made them all new editions so if you go to Manage your Content and Devices, you should see an “update available.” Or they might update just by opening your device. Check by looking at the Knees cover
      which is similar to, but different from, the one you should have. Also, the copyrights should all include 2019 on all the books.

      What I do know is that not everyone was affected by the issue – seems to be limited to certain devices, but I’m not sure which, I just know a lot of readers don’t know what I’m talking about. If you do check and get an answer, it’d be great if you’d post here for anyone else who needs the info.


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