Snowed In (Hunt&Cam4Ever book 3)

Trapped by the blizzard outside…

Hunter Dane & Camden Snow contend with the storm raging inside.

Detective Lieutenant Hunter Dane was dark and damaged and no one of note, except perhaps to a few he’d served well. But somehow life had brought the thirty-five year old homicide cop to the bed of a 24-year-old Olympic Alpine ski champion. Camden Snow was a 7-medal national treasure—handsome, winsome, charming, shy.

The pairing was inexplicable. Ludicrous.

But Cam was the only man Hunt had ever wanted, a relentlessly demanding Dom who’d stripped him of every defense. Who cared for him and brooked no bullshit from him. A sweet kid, a fearless competitor. A talented artist.

A notorious BDSM Alpha male.

Camden Snow could have anyone. At the club, he had only to nod in the direction of a sub and that man would fall to his knees—if he didn’t flee. Full Metal Dom, they’d dubbed Cam.

But from the moment he’d laid eyes on Hunter Dane, Camden Snow knew this was a man he needed.

Book 3 in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series. Not a murder mystery. As one reviewer says “just two powerful men coming to terms.” On AMAZON


“Bravo! …no mushy sentimentalities, just two powerful men coming to terms…. phenomenal erotica … take it from a Dom of a certain age.” — OJ Cast at OJ HE SAY!

A love story about the power of trust and surrender. (mm bdsm erotica) ON AMAZON



“I adore these two men.   characters I can’t imagine ever getting enough of. … ‘total immersion reading’
… two men truly on a life changing journey together.”
Helena Stone – THE WAY SHE READS

…brilliantly written.  …like I was in the cabin watching events
unfold in real time, Their sexual interaction is off the wall hot
I was utterly captivated … highly recommend this series.”



“August is an intelligent writer.  … her characters have depth and levels of emotion and perception.
absolutely recommend this whole series from book one onward.”



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