My Book Bub Ads Experience



To me, that’s all promotion is about. IF I have done my job, written as well as I can, designed a decent cover, written some ad copy, a blurb, then I just need to put that in front of a group of people who already want what I have.

I figure, if they like MM BDSM, they already like Hunt and Cam, they just don’t know it. My job is to tell them who my guys are and what the books are about. BUT I HAVE TO FIND THEM, FIRST.

I decided to give Book Bub a shot using money I made from book sales. BookBubnewletterAD

I didn’t realize you could just buy an ad on Book Bub to go at the bottom of the newsletters.  Here’s an example of the bottom of a daily newsletter so you can see what it looks like. The ads are 300px by 250px and they have a template so you don’t have to do anything graphics-like yourself.

You decide what budget-per-day to spend. It’s an auction model. so you make a bid. They tell you what the bid range is from other authors. Testing it all out, I started at $5, bumped it to $30 and settled on $10 a day continuous. (See graphic for days at each.)

I did a different design for the $10 series that I made myself. (see below) Not sure it performed any better.

The results are in the top graphic, obviously. I only gave results for the title I promoted. I did not discount it. I didn’t do one thing but put it on Book Bub, limit it to U.S., and target my audience. They walk you right through this—very simple, all on one page.


For all U.S.titles, my daily page reads went from an average of 1576 to 1970 during the campaigns. Those dropped off gradually over the last week. The book sales almost disappeared.

I did get a very big increase in Facebook page visits. It’s too bad I don’t bother with my  Facebook page.

Did I make money?

My $10 campaign ad.

The total cost of my experiment was $159.36. My U.S.-only royalties were $187.94 for all titles. I estimate my KENP payment at about $175 for the period of the campaign. So I made $203 and change.

In a fourteen day period earlier in March, I made $24.40 in royalties and estimate about $63 in KENP.

That’s $87 profit with virtually no advertising compared to $203 profit using Book Bub, alone.

I don’t know that a featured ad (The kind you apply to them to be allowed to pay them for – see price list.) would do better for me than the same amount of money spent on a better organized campaign of a discounted or free book. I do know that I’m only looking at immediate returns in this post and not factoring in retaining the readers as Hunt and Cam fans.

And that’s really the biggest profit of all, finding my readers.

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