This is the 3rd one of these I’ve gotten this week. Anything like this is totally illegitimate and you have to pay for all those services. Report as spam and do not answer:

Your Feature On My Blog


Angelina Jones

6:37 AM (7 hours ago)

to me
Hey Adira August,
I came across your book “Secret Men” on Amazon and found your Author page.
I’m reaching out because I’m working on a piece geared towards introducing Authors and their books to my readers.
The post will be published to my Authorweek blog and I’d love
to get a quick quote from you to include in the piece if you’re up for it.
If you’d be able to answer this question in a few sentences, that would be amazing:
1. Would you like me to put your book “Secret Men” on the front page of my blog?
2. Would you like me to include your book “Secret Men” in my Monday newsletter [23000 subscribers]?
3. Would you like me to send 100 tweets about your book “Secret Men”?
4. Would you like me to publish your interview on my blog featuring your books (Max 3 Books)?
I will be waiting for your response
Thank you.

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