Tin Hats in Vogue – Conspiracy Theory 101

BEFORE they are uncovered, secret criminal enterprises are conspiracies and the people who espouse them are the “tin-hat brigade.”

AFTER they are exposed, they are “scandals” and those who revealed them are Pulitzer Prize Winners. (Unless they’ree Julian Assange)


The cover-up was a conspiracy, but more importantly, the coordinated attack on the Democratic presidential campaign was also a conspiracy involving the WH and every branch of the US intelligence community. Few Amercians realize the extent of the conspiracy

Iran-Contra Scandal:

A conspiracy among the White House, CIA and National Scecurity Council to violate US law, sell arms to Iran and send money to Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Charges were brought and convictions obtained. George Bush pardoned them.

Catholic Church Sex Abuse scandal:

A worldwide conspiracy to enable the sexual and physical abuse of children over generations. Bishops traded abusers so they could start with “clean records” and interfered with prosecution by local law enforcement. Civil suits cost the Church a little money, but very few criminal charges were pursued. Prior to the Boston Globe expose, individual victims trying to reveal the truth were characterized as “conspiracy nuts” and “disgruntled former Catholics.”

These are only a few of the better-known conspiracy/scandals.


Ridiculous conspiracy theories. Like that a legitimate Presidential candidate conspired to give the United States to it’s enemies, is planning to start a civil war to justify declaring US under martial law and suspending all US elections.

This didn’t start with Trump. You can’t implode three high rise buildings with steel girders with a 600 degree fire no matter how long is burns.

Doesn’t seem so ridiculous now, does it? BTW –

Saudi Arabia owns America’s ports:

On board Air Force One on Tuesday, President Bush said the deal to put U.S. port facilities under the ownership of a company run by an Arab government is legitimate and should go forward.



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