RiverHart Timeline


CIA research project begun. (Psychic Men)


Hunter Dane was born July 19th. 


May 25th – Phillip Stefanic (Think Tank Man) tasked with misinformation on anomalous cognition studies by CIA. (Psychic Men)


Camden Caulfield Snow was born on November 5th.


WRITING FOR BEN: September starts at Cornell, meets Janet Johnson to Jan 2006 leaves for Europe


“Little Favor”: Mike Merisi before he was a cop gets together with Cal.


Cam builds the A-frame.

Friday, June 27th, 8:16pm (MDT) – Hunt and Cam meet in doorway of SANH.


DESIRE FOR TOUCH: Wednesday Sept 14th – Sat midnight the 17th

DESIRE FOR BLISS starts Sat midnight Sept 17th
….KIDNAPPING rescue-shooting Wednesday Sept 21st
….HUNTER DANE in Avia’s hospital room Monday the Sept 26th


MATCHSTICK MEN:  Part 1: ON HIS KNEES: Friday Oct 28th-Saturday Oct 29th.    Wednesday Nov 2nd – Friday Nov 4th

DANCING MEN: Monday Nov 7th-Tuesday Nov 29th

SNOWED IN: Wed Nov 30-Thurs Dec 1 – Epilogue: Monday Dec 5th


PSYCHIC MEN: Wed March 1 – Friday March 3rd (EPILOGUE – start of Flight TBD)

DESIRE FOR ECSTASY: Monday, March 6th – Wednesday, March 15th (Sunday, September 17th, 2017)

THE INTERROGATION: Late September. In the storyline, between Psychic and Secret.

SECRET MEN: Sunday, October 1st – Wednesday, Oct 3rd, plus Friday, Oct 20th and Thursday, November 2nd

FRACTURED MEN: 2017: Friday, November 3rd thru Monday, November 6th

SHADOW MEN: 2017:  November 7-17

FOREVER: 2017: November 10-29

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