1: Do You Belong Here?

By which I’m asking whether you should bother reading this? Is it for you? IMO, it isn’t if:

  • You just write “for yourself” and “don’t care” if anyone reads it.
  • Spend more time on social media than writing.
  • Don’t read.
  • Think grammar doesn’t matter.
  • Have to be “in the mood” before you can write.

All those things are fine, but I don’t have a thing to say you want or need to hear.

You might find some pretty valuable info here if:

  • You take your work and yourself as a writer seriously and approach it as professionally as possible.
  • Are willing to work your ass off.
  • Are considering or are sure you want to take the indie route.

So who the fuck am I that you should listen to me?

I’m the least likely to succeed who went from my first royalty which was for a single book purchase (by me to see what it looked like) to a couple thousand dollars a month two years later.

I am not here to
tell you how to write.

Why was I “least likely?” I have zero support system in my personal life. I’m almost crippled by my introversion so much that at the beginning even posting a promo for my book made my stomach hurt. I am dyslexic, brain damaged with a seizure disorder, mild but almost continuous whereby when I write I just skip words because I was having a focal seizure right there. I’m also on the spectrum, manage to alienate pretty much everyone I talk to (so much for book signings or convention thingies) without knowing how I did it.

And I was poor as dirt under an overpass.

IOW – I’m a loser all around.

NOW you’re all excited to hear what I have to say, huh?  But think of it this way — If I can do this, for damn sure you can.

So what did I have going for me? I write. I’ve always written. Not fiction until now. But I was published (as in paid to write something) when I was twenty, I’ve been writing all my life and getting paid, (or not when I’d write for my parish) and I’m kinda good at it. Sometimes I’m fucking excellent! Other times, well, not so much. That’s okay, I’m not after any prizes.

So, here’s a sample lesson or opinion thing:


I had to learn to design my own covers because I didn’t have the money to pay anyone. But to do that I had to research a shit-ton of material on book covers and design and what a cover’s purpose really is. So now, when I can pay someone, I know if they suck or not. I know what I want, what criteria has to be filled and what a reasonable price is based on costs plus per hour labor.

I’m going to do a lesson on covers and editors and promoters and all the things we spend money on. A really good graphic designer or artist could certainly do a better job. But my covers work. And that’s what we need them to do.

I am not here to tell you how to write. But I found out a lot about negotiating the wilds of indiedom. And if you already are publishing, then you know stuff, too. So, comment, leave links to your own posts, ask, disagree or link to other resources.

The “prelude” post: Indie Guide Prologue

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