The Long Road Back

One year ago, I didn’t know if I’d ever write another book or if I’d be able to finish the one I was working on called Secret Men. Not knowing the future, I realized I had to finish Secretso the wedding came early to give my readers a completed story and the honeymoon got skipped.

It got pretty dark there for awhile. But with all the jobs I’ve had in my life, what I am is a writer. And writers have to write—even depressed—unless you’re in the very worst part.
But creating is more than can be handled and what you create sucks. So I did a project I’d always intended to do but never had time: I wrote Knees and Matchstick together. I’d also intended to put it out in paperback.
I tried to format it myself but it was overwhelming and way beyond my meager skill set and made me cry a lot so I gave up after several months and many tries.

Enter Kaitlyn Abdou.

I hadn’t been on FB for a long time, but I had friends there and one told me about this woman who wanted to start a business formatting for paperback and she was looking for a couple test cases. My guides (yes, I do believe everything I write) must have been telling me to go ahead, even though I’d seen others who said they did this and never found one I felt good about. So I contacted her. SpellboundInc
She’s amazing. I can’t tell you what an enormous pleasure it’s been working with her. Long-term depression makes you very fragile in some ways, and I should never have entered into this with no emotional resources for dealing with someone’s possible ineptitude or arrogance or passive-aggressive crap.
Kaitlyn is like a treasure you find in the most unexpected place. So bright and talented and competent and … I wish y’all would buy this book just to see how stunning it is on the inside—not fancy, because I didn’t want that—but exactly what I asked for while looking as professional as anything I’ve bought from a trad publisher.
 (Of course, I still found a typo. One of those bad ones. A double word, but that’s on me. Formatting is not line editing, obviously.)
I designed the cover exactly to the template Amazon gives you, and it never worked. Sent it to Kaitlyn and it uploaded perfectly. Just like that. In minutes. So, you see above her logo from her new business site. That’s
And so it was done. But at this point, Hunter had been yelling at me for a while about the honeymoon book.
I finally realized, or listened to my muse explain, I can’t write the end of Flight because I don’t know what happens in the week the boys are gone. Flight starts right after Psychic and ends after Secret. After the honeymoon.  Except there was no honeymoon.
Flight should stand alone and it will for the reader. But not for me. Because Hunt and Cam are real to me. It’s like that week was some bizarro time warp that disappeared into a black hole and fucked over reality and I just couldn’t go on, not once I got to the wedding. Because time stopped there.
I had to let Flight go for a bit and write Fractured Men.
I’m not the only writer who’s this nuts, BTW.
But I can’t think about that now, because I have to get Hunt and Cam out the goddamned door of their new penthouse apartment and start driving to the place where the weather is really going to screw up their plans.
Special EditionPre-order2
      paperback available now                                              Pre-order the ebook, also on KU

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