Fractured Men

It was a dark and stormy night …

Men, Mystery & a bit of Mayhem in a Hunt&Cam homage to cozy mystery at a remote mountain resort.

Sometimes what you never thought would happen, does. All at once. A furnace explodes taking your house with it. A cop at the door says your father’s dead. Or lightning strikes from the ice-blue eyes of a much-too-young-for-you man you pass in a doorway.

One year to the day later, the young man was my husband.

I slid onto a counter stool and Cam handed me a mug of coffee. A big slice of his grandmother Dee’s apple pie waited on a brick red ceramic dish. Our cell phones lay on Cam’s side of the breakfast bar.

He made quite the ceremony of turning my phone off and dropping it into the silverware drawer. “For the seven days of our honeymoon, you are not a homicide detective.”

Somebody should’ve told the killer.

THE BOYS ARE BACK in a “cozy mystery” done Hunt&Cam style that would give Agatha Christie the vapors! Love, sex and murder at an isolated canyon resort with our fave BDSM honeymoon couple. Cam really wants to get Hunt away from his job and on with the honeymoon—God willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

God was really in a mood that night.

Can be read stand-alone. For adults who like puzzles and power dynamics.


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  1. Love this book. Love the entire series. I hope there are more with Hunter and Cam as the main characters in the future. My all time favorites.

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