It Wasn’t About the Sex…

…even though there was a shit-ton of it!

I’m working on a new book I started rather unexpectedly.  I don’t stop books mid-write, but since Fractured Men, I’ve done it twice.

I didn’t ever write MM, until my character took over and made it very clear who he wanted and what he needed.  I gave him life and he gave me an extraordinary relationship to write and mysteries to explore. And all that occurred under the umbrella—rather than the genre—COVEREXAMPLE3 of explicit BDSM erotica.

The new book is only partly new. It’s actually a story I wrote as a script just before I switched to prose fiction. But now, I have to adapt it into a novel. Right away. This is what happens when your a sub to your switch character. 

As usual I had no idea what I’d write as far as Hunt and Cam were concerned, because I was years away from meeting them when I write the original story.

I did the opening and, of course, there was about to be sex. And dispatch interrupted that.

I realized as I went along  that it all took place in a 24-hour period and Hunt and Cam weren’t going to be having any sex during the cop/killer/investigation part of the story. I figure that’s fine, there’ll be a wrap-up and time at the end to take up where they’d left off.

So why am I writing this blog post instead of writing the end? Why am I avoiding writing this book I’ve come to really like and think my readers will, too?

Because I was going to write that sex scene.

And it had nothing to do with the story. I was about to write a sex scene for my readers.

And if I write that, I’ll just be another smut writer and Hunter will find another author to inspire. And he should.

Hunter Dane and Camden Snow don’t do smut. Hunt stopped me from writing the books I shouldn’t be writing and dragged my ass back to my own roots where I explored power dynamics through flawed human ambitions and honor and courage and madness and evil and sacrifice.

Hunt and Cam are a cop who’s a switch and a Dom who’s a champion. And they both found each other and themselves in the exchange and surrender of power through sexual interactions in the course of living separate but ever-more-interconnected lives. They changed, each of them, because of that process.

And now they are doing the next part, and that part hasn’t much to do with sex. Not that they aren’t having as much of it as usual. It just isn’t relevant to their journey as human beings and men and husbands.

I saw this picture a year or so ago

and I ended up making it the main image on my blog. Note it has nothing even faintly sexual about it. I wasn’t sure why it was so compelling to me.
Now I do. This is the future we (the boys and I) were moving toward. I also hadn’t known why the picture on the front of On His Knees was so compelling. Why I had to buy it when I had no idea what kind of book it could ever go on the cover of. I have a thing for images.

So, here’s the “author’s note” at the beginning of the next book I’ll publish. The first of a new series, probably, of Hunter Dane Investigations books:

New readers won’t have issues with the placement in fictional time of this book since it’s as much a stand-alone as part of a series. The series, Hunt&Cam4Ever also has murder mysteries, but is essentially a love story between two strong men into BDSM. It’s erotica and very explicit. 

While their relationship is present here, while they are still men who are crazy about each other in every way and the book is sometimes a bit sexy, it’s not explicit. 

For Hunt&Cam’s loyal readers, The Interrogation is a departure.

It’s titled differently—without the word “Men” that all the other Hunt&Cam books have. This signals that it’s not part of the BDSM erotica series. 

It’s out-of-sequence. All six books in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series follow one another in time, sometimes with only a few days or even a few hours between them. But The Interrogation happens at the end of September just before Secret Men begins. Which means some important milestones in their relationship haven’t happened yet.

It’s not erotica. In this book, 95% of the power dynamics do not involve their personal relationship. But they are Hunter Dane and Camden Snow and they do have their moments, of course. 


Does this mean there won’t be anymore sex? Ever?


  1. After reading all of Hunt andCam (including their forays into the Desire series), I would read anything about them even in an encyclopaedia!! I loved their connection and respect and power exchange. Now I just love them. Like friends who you have so much in common with when you are young, but as you grow you change and don’t have as much in common any more as you have followed separate paths, but you still love each other. Keep writing their stories, there are a lot of us who will read them.


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