Interrogation #1 New Release

Hunter’s most twisted killer. Cam’s most dangerous case.


Twee asked, taking a pastry. Merisi pulled the plate away from her and closer to himself.

“Three little boys,” Hunter told them. “The fourth went missing this morning. If this killer’s M.O. hasn’t changed, the boy’s not dead yet.”

“You’re talking about the Wilderness Killer?” Diane Natani asked. “That’s McCauley’s case. How is our unit getting it?”

“The victim is the governor’s nephew. McCauley and his team haven’t gotten anywhere in a year. The governor requested us, and we’re taking over.”

“Well, that shouldn’t cause any resentment.” Merisi dunked half a doughnut into his coffee.

“It’s a recipe for a clusterfuck, Boss,” Twee said.

“True. It’s also exactly the kind of case this Unit was created to handle.”

Natani tossed down her pen. “We have political interference, departmental incompetence, personal resentment, and a boy who will die within eight hours. Somewhere.”

“No problem. We find the killer and get him to tell us where in the 1200 square miles of Colorado wilderness he staked out the governor’s nephew.” Merisi punctuated this with an eyeroll.

“The first part got done about an hour ago.”

Assistant District Attorney Natani perked up. “We have a suspect?”

Hunter nodded. “We do. Now I just have to get him to talk.”

“Just get him to talk?” Merisi tilted his chair back. “He’ll lawyer up before you can say ‘You have the right’ and a keyhole satellite couldn’t find this kid.”

“You’re forgetting the Boss’s cardinal rule.” Twee pulled the plate back toward herself and Merisi’s chair came down with a sharp bang.

“Yeah? What’s that?”
“Never assume.”

If you like a master gamesman for a detective and a few twists in your criminal cocktail, you want to read this.




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