The original post was titled “The Reviews are in” because the whole book is spoilers and I couldn’t say much about it. I did make a SPOILER GROUP on FB so people could talk about it. 

I was also too emotional myself, at the time, because I had already started Forever. Not much has changed in terms of spoilers. So – I still don’t have much to say and I’m just going to leave this review here.

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR (in a sub-trope of a sub-niche) ADIRA AUGUST PROUDLY PRESENTS… OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS!!!!! (Hey, it’s a rare event. You want to read this, BTW.)

Ann Alaskan WY Fantastic driven story that will have you rereading All of Hunt&Cam4Ever .. again & again!!! Can’t wait to see where the guys go next!! Simply a staggering book!!! 💖💖 Thank Adira! 💖

So I didn’t think I could love this couple more.  I was wrong.  My hearts was hurting so much with this book.  And this one is a bit of a sad story in more ways than one.  I guess most stories involving the death of someone young is sad.  Cam says at one point

Why does it all have to be so sad?  The life the killers live, wasted.  The life the victims don’t get to live, wasted.

This quote and the timing of it, are pivotal to this story.  Just brilliant.  While the death in this story is not as gruesome as many of Hunt’s cases, there are other circumstances surrounding the ship and the passengers that hit a little too close to home for Cam and Hunt.  There are things that they are equipped to handle and things that they aren’t.  Merisi, Hunt’s hand-picked detective and Twee, their continually surprising and amazing CSI tech, provide so much support on this one – and not just on the case.  Merisi is really coming into his own and Twee is her usual brilliant self.  I love these two more with each successive story.  Of course they solve the case, but it’s what comes after that is the biggest surprise of this book.  I have no idea what is ahead for Hunt and Cam, but I am waiting with bated breath to find out.  I sure hope the next book is coming soon because this was a painful way to end this one.  But absolutely brilliant!  I highly recommend this whole series.  The dynamic between these two is like nothing else I’ve ever read and I cannot get enough.




Bits from Amazon reviews:

a truly epic love …  


  1. I love Hunter and Cam. This book did not disappoint. I’m hoping it’s not too long a wait for the next book. The ending, omg, I’m hurting for them both. The book is fast paced and peels back many layers into Hunter thoughts. Merisi is coming into his own as a character. I’m looking forward to learning more about him as well as Kevin Woodward. Wood seems to be everywhere at once. Does Eustace have a story that we learn about.? Is it relevant to Hunt and Cam? Oh so many questions . I can hardly wait for the next book.


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it. Eustace, Wood and Hunter Dane are all characters introduced in the Desire For… series which is m/f billionaire romance, it’s the story of Ben Hart and Avia Rivers. That whole series was unpublished while it waits for a page one rewrite and then I’ll reintroduce it. The story Ben tells of rescuing the children is part of that series, also. Which books come next is all up to Hunter, whatever he gives me next, I write.


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