Promoters & Protecting Your Brand


This is what it’s supposed to look like.

The image at top appeared on Instagram as part of a “blog tour” run by a promotion company specializing on M/M Romance.  I had stopped even trying to find a service, because I couldn’t seem to find anyone to work with. But I’m desperate for writing time, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

There ended up being a variety of issues, but this is the one that generated an outraged email, and got in return a scolding for my “tone” being rude.

MY TONE?? This person apparently has forgotten they work for me.

So I fired them. When you pay for a service, that person works for you. When you hire a promoter, a critical part of their job is to PROTECT YOUR BRAND.

I’m not sure what taste-deprived genius took my copyrighted image and turned it into a monument to bland, but it’s the promoter’s responsibility to check everyone to whom they have supplied your images, blurbs, excerpts, logos and whatever, and make sure my (or your) brand is protected.

It’s also part of their responsibility to send you a copy of what goes out (old school) or a link to every place your cotton swabs, dirt bikes or books (depending on what you manufacture) appear that they have arranged for. This is what you are paying  for. You should not have to hunt down these things yourself.

I didn’t fire this company because of one thing, but it’s this that motivated me to post about it.  It’s critical for indie writers to protect their brand.  You decide how your words and images appear.

And if you get pissed and let them know you are pissed, expect an apology and an assurance it will be taken care of, not a lecture on your deportment.

You’re paying them.




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