excerpt: the eighth book

Doctor Amanda Ceretti notes:

He was on his side when I entered his room. Legs pulled up, arms pulled in. He had an extra blanket. I wondered if he’d asked or Mister Woodward had done it on his own. I wondered if the patient needed the warmth or the weight.

Kevin Woodward had vacated his chair when I entered the room. He stood aside, hands clasped in front of him, waiting for me to dismiss him. He was interesting. So far, all the men in this case were interesting.

Woodward was a licensed therapist who worked for a billionaire as a “bodyman.” He was about six feet, short hair more copper than blond and regular features that were, somehow, completely unmemorable. He was always quiet and respectful.

I also had the impression he would have easily killed to protect Hunter Dane.


    1. Hi, Tyesha! No, The Remains is Book 2 in the Hunter Dane Investigations series. It’s well-begun but had to step-aside for Book 8 of Hunt&Cam4Ever. After the end of Shadow Men, Hunt wanted to get readers answers to their questions asap. I’m hoping but not promising Valentine’s Day because this book seems to just get longer and longer ….



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