Finding Hunter Dane: when the characters take over …

I was happily exploring the world of m/f sexuality, when Detective Sergeant Hunter Dane entered the RiverHart world in Desire for Bliss. I’d been a cop, so he came naturally. I knew what his offices looked like. What his weapon of choice was.
I was surprised when Avia recognized him from the cover of an eBook she’d read. But I recalled a cop I’d known who did pose nude for stock photos. He never had to work off-duty like a lot of the guys. And he’d get hooked up to be an extra or have a few lines in a locally shot film. Since it had a basis in reality, I left it in.
After Bliss, I wrote a series of shorts featuring different characters from the RiverHart world, exploring other aspects of sexuality. But I never thought of writing m/m. It isn’t that I rejected it; it just never occurred to me.
I decided to write femDomme with Hunter Dane as the protagonist. I knew Hunt was a switch, that he switched between Dom and sub. I knew which of the prosecutors was the Domme. I’d begin with Hunt at work. Establish him as the Alpha male in the bullpen. Then have him seek out the Domme.
When I sat down to write, Hunter was in the shower. Bits and pieces of story come to me that I write down in no particular order, sometimes. I thought this was that. The transitional scene between the end of the day and meeting the woman.
It wasn’t.
Sometimes, writing is like being possessed. I wrote the first two-thousand words in one long stream of consciousness. Or unconsciousness. It ended with “I dropped to my knees.” And I knew the title.
And I thought, I can’t write this. It freaked me out a little bit. A lot. Every time I opened On His Knees to work I was terrified. What the fuck am I writing? This was the first time in years I’d felt compelled to write a specific thing and I felt far out of my element.
But apparently, even if I couldn’t write this story, Hunt and Cam could. I just got the hell out of their way. When they’d finished, it was mine. To research and clean up and do the things you do when rewriting. I kept thinking I can’t publish this. It was Cam who said, “You have to.”
So I stuck it on Amazon, and started writing other stuff. And people found it. Doms and subs and people in the lifestyle and people outside of it. I was kind of shellshocked. Like, “Wait. What? But … uh …okay.”
This is the story that actually started what I feel is a nice career as an indie author. On His Knees was – is – some of the best writing I’ve ever done. Taking dictation from a fictional character. Promoted by the kindness and generosity of another another author and a blogger.
No one does this alone.

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