What’s coming from adira august

When I wrote Psychic Men, it became a sort of Hunt&Cam4Ever orphan. Not that lots of readers didn’t like it, but because it was a departure from the universe  people assumed they lived in.  Some readers commented they didn’t sign up to read paranormal.

What still isn’t known, or, perhaps not taken seriously, is my mentioning that all my books are based in reality.  Not vaguely in reality, but using real cases, dialogues and situations. (“Please feed my fish.”)

That’s not just the BDSM or the crimes. It’s also the weather. And the psychism. In fact, there is at least as much reality in Psychic Men, as in any other book. I know this the way I know dog choke collars make dandy sub wear, because I’m not just a BDSM switch and former cop, I’m a psychic medium. I don’t practice. John Edward talks about “sitters” – not his word – from hell. He almost quit.

I did, after I barely restrained myself from throwing one couple out of my house. I don’t have the temperament. In fact, I’ve found that most mystics or psychics tend to have a reputation for being curmudgeonly, rude, controlling and unlikely to suffer fools gladly. Or at all.


Right now I’m writing a sexless, (I think, so far, anyway) romantic comedy between a man and a woman. Then we’ll have a Twee case with the old Unit, as it happened in the summer of 2017.

Then we’ll have the first new Hunt&Cam book. The new series. The one I’m researching which is not “paranormal.” It’s just science, nature, experience and observation. It’s The Way Things Work. Kinda like photosynthesis. Or condensation.

Which is how I came to order the book I just got and can’t read. A lot of my books are packed in boxes at my daughter’s house and it was just easier to go online to https://www.abebooks.com and order a used copy that I can mark up.

I like hardbacks because they are less awkward in an armchair to write in as the covers serve as desktops.  The book was in good shape, according to the listing, which I liked because I hate pages in used books stuck together by pizza sauce fingerprints or things … grosser.

Only, when it came it wasn’t in good shape. It was a perfect, apparently unread, 1st Edition.


Which leaves me with two last things:

  1. I have the loveliest readers who say they’ll read anything I publish because they like the way I write. Bless their hearts for giving me so much support. But they, and others, well, you’ve been informed. I’m willing to call it metaphysical, but to me, it’s just everyday reality.
  2. I have to go order a book in less good condition and hope nobody wiped their boogers in the back.


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