ARC/Review Copies

Amazon allows us to send out ARCS for a time after books are published. We can send copies to reviewers all the time.

ARCS will go out for 2 weeks after launch to the first fifty readers who ask.

I have new legal parameters I have to follow and as of April 1, 2020 can no longer send ARCS to anyone’s email, whether reader or reviewer.

I also can’t send anything but an  Amazon-generated mobi file to your device’s email.

That will be the final uploaded and locked mobi file that’s exactly the same as the one Amazon would download to your device if you bought it.

To get one, you have to do three things:

  1. Find that email address
  2. Add to your list of approved senders
  3. Email me with the address and that you added me. Include the title your asking for and put ARC in the subject line.


This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Anything you read on that Amazon sends a book to,  has it’s own email address. If you are not using, your screen might look a little different, but it should be the same process.

First, you find your Content and Devices:


Click that and you go here:



On your Preferences screen is a list. You just scroll down to:


And you have arrived!


Add me, pick the device you want the ARC to come to and send me an email with the address. IF the device address has your name and you want to keep it private, you can change the name email address yourself. There are edit buttons to the right not in the picture.