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They don’t happen often. Addi reviewing other writers.

A Writer’s Stiffy


I used to read a lot. But now I write and am an indie and have no time and I really miss reading. I try. I got L.A. Witt’s photography mmm for the photo session scene because it was recommended. It was so worth is. I got For Real because it won the RITA. It deserved it!

And I just read Dale Cameron Lowry’s Pacific Rimming because:

  • I just learned he writes erotica.
  • I’m sick and can’t write but I can read
  • I LOVE the title. 

Some reviewer called it “cheesy,” I think. It is so not. Because you see, it’s about the park as much as the sex—the magic place, the experience of it: Pacific Rimming. (And if Mr. Lowry didn’t mean it that way, I hope he never tells me.)

The bog is a strange piece of
temperate rainforest so different from
the nearby beaches, its waters still
and quiet, nothing like the evermoving,
ever-crashing waves of the
shore. Where the beach is sand,
rocks, and the iodine-rich scent of
kelp, the bog is moss, ghostly stunted
pines, and the sweet-sharp smell of
acidic brine.

And oh, can he write. It’s the kind of writing that startles you, being so good. That you want to sub yourself out to, please, Sir, more ….

The romance is non-cloying. The men are men, doing their thing in the straightforward XY way that brooks no irritating passive/aggressive barriers to jumping each other’s bones endemic to other types of romance.

Jason bit his bottom lip. I could
practically see the spark between
them, bursting little flares of heat into
the tepid morning air. Their palms
lingered. My dick rose to half-mast.

The characters are drawn quickly, the backstory blended like shadows on a portrait.

I think it’s unfortunate that my metaphors are so often fraught. A wrought, no less. I never have little flares of heat bursting in the atmosphere. crap
But I am so glad this writers does.

But fine writing is as much if not more about the simple straightforward wonder of words creating a moment you can inhabit:

I heard my husband breathe a happy sigh on the other side of Jason, and then Jason did, and the next thing I knew, I was doing it as well. It was a sound as contagious as laughter.

I know, I know, you want to hear about the sex….

Here, have a Sundew and calm down.

vicious killer-plant – cutie

The sex …..

is joyous and angst-free and intimate and very damned hot. Sex is that hot is a function of a great set-up and skill. Of a reader knowing exactly where they are and the characters are and being led smoothly into the action, the author paying off the promise of the relationship story.

Nor are they the lusty raving jock-ripping fantasy guys. They know what they want from each other and for each other and they do that. A lot. The three of them. And we get to watch. It’s just happy-making. And very fucking hot.

Uh-huh. Now you want an excerpt, I suppose. The flower’s a metaphor, you can’t use a little imagination? Do I have to go get anemones, too?

“He lifted my ass
onto his lap and aligned his cock with
my opening. Its crown sank past the
first ring of muscle with ease. He
held himself there as my opening
contracted in miniature, orgasm-like
twitches. I tried to keep my eyes open
but couldn’t. He felt too good.”

Okay, go read this. Here: DALE CAMERON LOWRY

And I’d better not hear a single whine about not being on KU. He’s charging a buck for this on his site. Which is not enough. Give him 2. I tried but couldn’t figure out the pay thing, as usual. So, I’ll have to go buy more books now, until I do. Poor me, such a sacrifice!!!


Pacific Rim National Park Reserve  Go to Google images and search under the park name. You’ll be booking the vacation in about 5 minutes. Srsly, I’m pretty sure elves live there.