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Interviewing Addi:


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?
I’m an overeducated ex-hippie chick who ended up on the cops. I did a lot of things, but I always wrote. For money and for free.

How long have you been writing for, and what inspired you to start writing?
I was 8 years old when I wrote my first poem and book. The book was plagiarized! (Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty.) I write because I can’t figure out how not to. I once heard it called “the midnight disease.” The thing that has you scribbling away when you should be asleep because whatever is in your head won’t wait.

Can you tell us about your new release? What inspired you to write it?
Dancing Men is the 3rd in the Hunt and Cam 4Ever series that started with the short storyOn His Knees. Dancing the second police procedural murder mystery following Matchstick Men. Hunter Dane, bisexual switch and homicide detective teams up with Camden Snow, extreme Dom and Olympic champion, to solve a murder at the natural history museum involving a fresh body in a 3000-year old burial urn.

They also negotiate their relationship after the mess left at the end of Matchstick. I made sure to include quite enough backstory for this book to be read stand-alone. Most of my readers will be shouting “NO! Go back and read the first two!” But I promise, it’s not necessary.

New readers should know that the sex is explicit. I don’t think it’s dark, but it is at times pretty intense.

How did you come up with the title? 
It’s the title of a classic Sherlock Holmes story and originally, I’d intended to use elements from that story in this one. But—since I’m actually not in control here, the boys are—that went by the wayside. In this book, “Dancing” refers to the state of Hunt and Cam’s relationship. I don’t really write romance, I write love stories. And love can be incredibly challenging.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The multi-generational nature of the story. It’s all set in November of 2016, but to understand how things happened, they had to go back to the origin of the urn – who found it and how it got to America. It’s not a simple whodunnit, it’s twisty and turny and … okay, to me it’s all fascinating, but I’m a nerd girl, yanno? Still, a lot of readers seem to enjoy it.

Why M/M?
Hunter made me. He was a character in Desire for Bliss, an m/f bdsm, billionaire romance novel. It had a bit of mystery, also. Detective Sergeant Hunter Dane was introduced there. I wrote a series of short stories about peripheral characters in the Desire for … books. I knew Hunter was a Dom/sub switch and was going to write femdom.

I literally, in the old meaning of the word, had no idea it was going to be m/m until he got to the club and announced he was looking for Camden Snow. Who? Oh, man – a full metal Dom. They took me for a wild ride.

Are there any characters that you write, that are based on you, or people you know?
Sorta-kinda, but not really. The BDSM club Scene and Not Heard is based on a real place. Hunt and Cam are both physically based on real men I knew. But who they are, their complex personalities, I’m not sure where all that came from. I do use real people for peripheral characters, quite often, just for the physicality and voice, the cadence of speech.

Do you have a favourite character and/or book you’ve written? 
No. That’s like asking which of my children I love the most. I really like almost all my characters. They are so interesting and flawed and strong and wonderful. I write from 10 to 14 hours a day so they have to be people I enjoy spending time with.

Are there people in your life that annoy you, and you write into your books?
No. That would be bringing my personal life and feelings into the story. The stories belong to the characters. And they’d never let me get away with that. Hunter’s over here rolling his eyes at just the idea of it.

Do you write often? Is it on a schedule, or whenever you feel like it?
It’s my job. I get up, get dressed, get my coffee and go to work. But unlike a regular job, I take breaks as I wish, which is mostly about getting laundry done.

What are your writing goals for 2018?
I’m going to bring the different elements and characters in the RiverHart universe, including Hunt and Cam, together in the last Desire for … novel. I want to bridge the divide between m/f and m/m so all the characters move freely in and out of the stories.

I’d like to write more titles, get the Hunter Dane Investigation novels down to a standard 50k-ish. Write more relationship stories about other characters as well as Hunt and Cam.

Is Psychic Men Non-con? Of course not.

From Matchstick Men:

Cam laid down on his side and pried one of Hunt’s arms loose, taking one hand in his own, massaging gently.

“This isn’t a scene. There’re no restraints. We aren’t in a club. I’m still a Dom; I’m always that. But you have safewords.”

He smiled at Hunt’s surprised expression. “Of course, you do. I want you to do what I say because … you want from me what I want to give you.”

In Dancing Men, Hunter uses his safeword:

Red!” Hunt screamed. The strap hit the floor. 

He felt Cam’s body shift as he fished his keys from his pocket. He got the cuffs off quickly, and rubbed Hunter’s wrists. He massaged feeling back into his arms.

Hunter initiates the conversation in Psychic Men:

Hunt looked up into eyes veiled in arousal, pupils wide in the muted light of their private table. “Anything you want, Cam.”

Camden Snow, shy boy in real life, confident king on the slopes, merciless Dom in the club, looked quickly away when his eyes filled, shocking him.

Hunt sat up and back, keeping Cam’s hand between his own, still and safe.

“Why?” Cam asked, coming back.

“Because you give me everything I want,” Hunt answered. “Except one thing.”


“You keep yourself in check. You …. calculate what I need. You leave yourself out of the equation. But I want you. I never wanted anyone before, not some specific person. I don’t do halfway any more than you do. I want you to let go. To trust me.”

Camden Snow … knew how dark some of his desires were. …

… Captured by the raw hunger in Hunter’s eyes to abandon himself totally to anything and everything his Dom was or wanted, rendered Cam both powerless and indestructible. He felt something dissolve inside himself. Something old and hardened.

“You already know,” Cam said.


“What I am. Want.”

“Yes. … And?”

It was a very steep slope and a long way to fall, but Hunter had made Cam invulnerable. “You want it, too.”

Hunter smiled.

As he has always done, Cam gave Hunter exactly what he wanted in Psychic Men.

These men are who they are. They do not apologize for themselves and I do not apologize for them. Cam’s a sadist. That’s never been a secret. Hunter’s a masochist. Also, not a hidden trait.

At the Club

The Full Metal Dom accepts no limits, no safewords, no discussion.  Everyone knows the deal and he explains it again to each sub.

“There are no limits. You have no safeword. You do nothing I do not order. I don’t stop until I’m done. … You have one chance to walk away. Once I restrain you, nothing and no one can or will rescue you. I am all there is.”

You want to play with Camden Snow, you accept this. And this is why many subs seek him out. To get this.

But their relationship isn’t a scene.

These men aren’t bound by anyone’s idea of what BDSM “should” be. Nothing they do is unique or unusual in the spectrum of real-world BDSM relationships.

These men are each extraordinary in their own ways. Only another man as extraordinary as each of them could have captured them. If you want Cam less a Dominant sadist or Hunter less a submissive masochist, you’re going to be disappointed. If you want them to be like some other Dom or sub you knew, read or imagined, probably you’re also going to be disappointed.


Psychic Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 3/Hunt&Cam4Ever 5

It’s been three months since Hunt and Cam were trapped in a blizzard. Spring has arrived, and they’re settled into a satisfying routine of solving murders, hanging at the club (sometimes literally) and playing cards with friends, when they aren’t expressing their affection for one another. Vigorously. It was a great life in an idyllic location. Until a skinny kid who barely came up to Cam’s chin sought out Hunter Dane…

“I saw my father last night,” Asher Gamble told him. “He said Jason Furney’s going to die and people will say I did it.”
Hunt frowned. The boy’s name seemed familiar. “Tell me the rest of it.”

Asher locked his gaze on Hunt’s as intractably as Camden Snow ever had.

“My father killed my mother and my brother when I was two years old. He died in prison four years ago.”

So much for routine.

A 60k word police procedural. The third Hunter Dane Investigation and the 5th book in the Hunt&Cam4Ever mm bdsm series. For adult lovers of suspense and apple pie for breakfast.


Psychic Men Research Links



Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs


AIR : A Statistical Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning






You Write Your Books

I keep saying I don’t write romance because I don’t.

Fantasy is great. Romance or shifter or sci-fi or whatever, I’m down with fantasy.

I just don’t write it because I’m pretty sure I’d suck big time at it. I’m a person who reads nonfiction for pleasure. And we usually write best what we read most. When I did read fiction, I usually read mysteries. The author who influenced me the most was Truman Capote. He refined and popularized, some say invented, the “nonfiction novel” with the publication of In Cold Blood. It’s a kind of writing that is, by the fact of what it is, loosely-defined.

It’s what I write. Capote, whose literary shoes I’m not fit to tie, wrote mostly  fact that read like fiction.

I write fiction that insists on being true to reality. Not bound by it, but very much based in it. Camden Snow is physically based a real pro athlete. His accomplishments are mirrored in teen-aged Olympic medal winners. I write about BDSM clubs or sex from the experiences of my life and the lives of people I know. I write about being a cop as I was a cop and cops I knew. Hunter Dane poses for stock photos, nude or semi because a cop I knew did. You rarely find a lid with a Tamil burial jar. A clitoris is not a little nub. A comminuted femur fracture can take four months to heal well enough to bear weight.

Things are fictionalized or it would’t be fiction. Ben Hart makes sexual support devices that are about serving women instead of men. That’s wildly fictional, unfortunately.

My next book will be out …. soon. Not when I’d planned. Before Spring ends. It’s got graphic sex, as usual, because my boys can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves for more than five minutes. Like most of my stuff, it’s fact-based and a bit science-heavy.PSYCHIC2tohoAnd it has a really interesting list of research links.

I write love stories. But what’s inside the book is only what you find there.

“It is the theory which decides what we can observe.”


Snowed In (Hunt&Cam4Ever book 4)

Trapped by the blizzard outside…

HunterDane & Camden Snow contend with the storm raging inside.

In the pre-dawn darkness, Hunt moaned and thrashed under the comforter. Finally, the nightmare receded. He settled, breathed deeply several times, and opened his eyes.

“You okay?” Cam asked.

“Sure,” Hunter smiled, half-awake, not remembering. “I’m here with you. Safe inside the storm. Away from … all the crap of the last few weeks.”

Cam moved his hands over Hunt’s body, soothing and gentling. “Safe inside the storm.” Not safe from the storm, but safe inside of it. Isolated. Protected. Safe.

But Cam knew Hunter wasn’t safe; his demons came with him: a dark and twisted possession by blood and cruelty and murder. Being snowed-in for days would allow the darkness to eat away at Hunt until his very skin would seem too small. He’d beg Cam for the flogger. And hate Cam for denying him.

There was a solution, but the so-called “Full Metal Dom” was afraid. So very afraid the fragile bonds between them would not survive.

To help Hunter, he had to do the one thing he swore he would never do.

ON AMAZON  A 28k novella exploring the power of trust. Book 4 in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series. (mm, bdsm, adult – not recommended to be read stand-alone) The first three: On His Knees, Matchstick Men and Dancing Men are available on Amazon now, as is Book 5, Psychic Men.


“Bravo! …no mushy sentimentalities, just two powerful men coming to terms….  phenomenal erotica … take it from a Dom of a certain age.

Truly, this is the one we were waiting for.”

 OJ Cast at OJ HE SAY!


“I adore these two men.   characters I can’t imagine ever getting enough of. … ‘total immersion reading’
… two men truly on a life changing journey together.”
Helena Stone – THE WAY SHE READS

…brilliantly written.  …like I was in the cabin watching events
unfold in real time, Their sexual interaction is off the wall hot
I was utterly captivated … highly recommend this series.”



“August is an intelligent writer.  … her characters have depth and levels of emotion and perception.
absolutely recommend this whole series from book one onward.”

Dancing Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 2

You have to bury the past, or the past will bury you.

An ancient burial urn, empty for millennia, is suddenly not so empty.

When Detective Lieutenant Hunter Dane probes a murder at the Natural History Museum, his own past haunts him. To solve the complex case, Hunter needs Camden Snow, the brilliant, beautiful, “no limits” Dom who’d helped him unravel a very peculiar, and very personal, murder.

But Cam’s ready to kill Hunt, himself! Their intense D/s relationship began in a playroom, but ended up in an emergency room.

    • “If you want to be with me, you’ll have to do more make some big re-entry gesture,” Cam said. “That’s just more drama. You’ll have to work for this, Hunter.”
    • “All right. What work would that be?” Hunter asked, eager to perform any penance Cam gave him.
    • “You’re the champion puzzle-solver and ace detective. Unravel a mystery.”
    • Hunter’s brows pulled together. “What mystery?”
    • “Me.”


    •   A 70k police procedural with a liberal dose of M/M BDSM heat. The 2nd of the Hunter Dane Investigations. #3 in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series. Hunt&Cam4Ever #4,


    • , a 30k erotic novella picks up eighteen hours after Dancing ends. (adults)



” … a thrilling, heart stopping, and unputdownable book … a heady combination of intrigue, mystery, emotion, and mind-blowing … sex.”

Consider me addicted.

               Helena Stone The Way She Reads book blogger and
author of Renewal (the Dublin Virtues series)

” … Adira knocks it out of the park … I especially appreciate the complexity of Hunt’s sexuality. … And what can I even say about Cam? He’s breathtakingly human.”

Kevin H. Woodward author of Blood Muse

This is seriously good story telling …  some of the hottest, most intense BDSM … scenes I’ve ever read. Sit down, buckle up, and … enjoy!

Ms. August’s writing is silky smooth … The prose simply flows …

               OJ Cast MM book blogger at  OJ He Say