Flight Excerpt 1

BACK PUSHED AGAINST the closed door, arms crossed over his knees, Asher cocked his head up at Cam. “Why’s there only one chair in here?”

Cam leaned back in the one chair, an ankle resting on the opposite knee. “I haven’t decided if I want people parking themselves in my office.”

“I should go?”

“No. You should tell me what you want to do.”

Asher’s face scrunched up, determined. “Not lie, that’s what I want to do. Not be something somebody has to hide.”

I Will by Noah Jackson


Kittridge Burry stared at the text. He’d been searching for a suitable Dominatrix on dating apps for months. But this text found him. More an advertisement. A solicitation. 

The last line stopped him.


It was from a man. A man willing to do exactly what Kitt wanted. Only Kitt wasn’t gay. He wasn’t “bi-curious.” Not homophobic. Men just weren’t a turn-on. He didn’t want to touch one.


Maybe it didn’t matter. He didn’t want to touch. He wanted to be touched.

2. Critique Partner: Writer’s Gold

If you’re with a big publisher, your critique partner should be your editor. But you don’t have that. So the first lesson is the most difficult: FIND A CRITIQUE PARTNER.

This is not a reader. This is not your friend or family or guy at the bar. This has to be a writer. And besides being a writer, they have to be as good as you are – or close. Not a lot better, because that’s a teacher or mentor. Not a lot worse, they won’t have anything to offer.

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