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Great Advice 1: Hugh Howey

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I planned from the outset to languish in obscurity for ten years before I assessed my progress. This gave me patience. 

I made sure that I enjoyed what I was writing, that I loved the process. This gave me an appreciative audience. 

Finally, I told myself that everything I published would be available for thousands of years, so success and appreciation didn’t have to occur in my lifetime. That gave me hope.

About Kindle Unlimited:

 I tried Kindle Unlimited. Then I pulled out and went wide for a year. 

Then I went back to Kindle Unlimited. I get more readers being in KU than being on all retail outlets. … 

Amazon ebooks are available to every reader on pretty much any device that has a screen. … My books are available in every home, anywhere that there’s a whiff of cellular or WiFi. 

If someone makes a personal decision not to shop with Amazon, then I lose that reader. But in my experience, I’ll have gained nine more.

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